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InterShelter Domes

Military Camps Disaster Relief Temporary Housing

Looking to get away from it all?
Look no further than our
instant summer home

Portable Command Centers
It's easy to see how our domes
fit this application

First response or natural
disaster relief housing.
Nothing else could solve both
like our domes.


Whether the need is to solve
homelessness or to provide shelter

in a crisis... We have the answer.


The InterShelter™, is a patented revolutionary portable shelter.
Our Intershelter domes have bridged the gap from tents and
trailers to traditionally built framed houses.
Made of a high-tech aerospace composite material, the
Intershelter™ is built to sustain hurricane strength winds
or earthquakes and insulated to stay warm in extreme arctic
sub-zero degree weather or cool in hot desert climates,
these portable dome structures can be
assembled in just a few hours by three untrained people.
The pieces can fit in the back of a pick up truck, single helicopter
sling, or a bush cargo plane and can be set up on almost any
These shelters are not only ideal for research needs,
quarantine shelters, and emergency relief situations but will
satisfy the needs of Homeland Security, the Military,
Labor Housing, Homeless Communities and many more.

Popular Uses and Applications

Migrant worker housing
Polar domes
Military applications
Storm/Disaster Relief
Hunting Camps
Quarantine/Isolation Shelters
   Homeless Communities
   Student Housing
   Personal Home
   Field Offices or Command Centers
   Agricultural Storage Units

Haul Your House In Your Pickup Or Small Trailer!!!

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Dome Sizes

Our Spacious 20' InterShelter Dome

The Dome is a frame-less structure
consisting of aerospace composite
panels. It has the strength of a
standard building but the mobility
of a tent. One Dome can be assembled
by two people in less than four hours
with nothing more than a screwdriver,
wrench and step ladder

Diameter-20 ftHt-12 ft at center
Floor Area-314 sq. ft.
Door opening-36" x 81"
Window-36" x 36"
Weight-1100 lbs

The Original14' InterShelter Dome

When unassembled, the enclosure
can fit into the back of a pickup truck,
trailer or an 8'x8'x4' container and
easily transported anywhere in the
world. It can be repeatedly taken
down and reassembled while
retaining its structural integrity.

Diameter-14 ftHt-9 ft at center
Floor Area-154 sq. ft.
Door opening-26"x49"
Window opening optional
Weight-600 lbs

The InterShelter Multi-Structure

The combination of our portable
instant domes to create the ideal
structure your need calls for can
give you what we like to call a
"made to order" multi-structure
layout. The possibilities are
virtually limitless.
Join either size domes
Create a muilt-room unit
Ideal for lodges
Configure for you needs

An exterior gel coat which is virtually
indestructible covers the panels.
This gel coat is resistant to sun,
snow, rain or temperatures over
120°F or below 0°F. The gel coat
is molded into the fiberglass giving
the Intershelter Dome incredible
structural strength.

The key to the P2000 Insulation
System’s effectiveness is not its
individual components, but how
these pieces function together
as an engineered system.
P2000 Insulation Systems™ is a
high performance insulation system
that addresses all three types of
heat transfer: conduction, convection
and radiation. It is a specially
formulated expanded polystyrene
(EPS) core with metalized plastic facers.
The P2000 Insulation System functions as an
all-weather guard in one product: Stops cold,
wind, heat and moisture
Creates a true thermal break
Eliminates condensation
Light weight
Easy to install
Environmentally friendly
Very Economical
The P2000 Insulation System™ offers several
advantages: A “Green Product”Save on
heating and cooling costs
Quicker and easier to install
Thin and flexible sheets makes it very versatile
Virtually waterproof
Insulating value not reduced by sagging, settling,
compression or moisture
No more itching or scratching, during and after installation
P2000 Insulation delivers energy savings and interior
comfort in extreme weather conditions.
The laminated board with double sealed joints blocks drafts.
The dense foam core reduces conductive heat transfer,
while the metalized plastic facers minimize air and moisture
infiltration and are effective radiant blockers.
P2000 Insulation is lightweight, easy to handle,
and simple to install. It will never sag or settle and resists
moisture absorption – making it an effective insulator even
when wet.
P2000 Insulation makes for healthier homes.
It does not support mold growth; it does not “off-gas”
harmful chemicals; it does not release harmful
airborne particles and contains no CFCs or HCFCs.


InterShelter Dome Price List
Order Directly From InterShelter
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On Your First Dome!!!!!
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14' Base Dome $7,500.00
20' Base Dome $12,500.00
Flooring System - 14' Dome $2,000.00
Flooring System - 20' Dome $2,500.00
Door Blank-Creates a "Flat Wall" so you
can place something tall like
a refrigerator flat against the wall
Extra Window Frame $100.00
P2000 Insulation Kit - 14' Dome $2,000.00
P2000 Insulation Kit - 20' Dome $2,500.00
Custom Color - 14' Dome $400.00
Custom Color - 20' Dome $500.00
Window - Vinyl Dual Thermo Panel - 14' Dome $200.00
Window - Vinyl Dual Thermo Panel - 20' Dome $350.00
Extra Door frame w/Door Installed $650.00

Crating Fee - 14' Dome
Not Required For Bulk Orders
Crating Fee - 20' Dome
Not Required For Bulk Orders
Crating Fee - Extra Door Frame $100.00
Crating Fee - Extra Window Frame $100.00