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Buy The Kimberly Stove

Get A Cobb Chef Grill FREE FREE FREE !!!!!
Note:  Due to the large number of orders
your Kimberly Stove will ship in about 3 weeks
The Kimberly Stove
The Kimberly Stove is EPA & CSA certified.
Perfect for Your Home, Cabin, Yurt, Motorhome,
Camper, Wall Tent, Ice Fishing, Boat,
Emergency Preparedness and More!!
The efficient Kimberly Stove squeezes more heat
from less fuel, while saving hundreds of dollars on 
your installation costs using our unique UL-Approved
venting system.
The Kimberly Stove burns up to 8 hours
on a load of fuel.
Manufactured in southern Oregon 
of American Made Stainless Steel
Heats Up to 1,500 sq. ft. (Up To 40,000 BTUs)
  Uses Wood, Extruded Logs, Coal, Charcoal,
Wood Pellets, or Even Dried Animal Dung!
Place A Pan And Cook On Top!  Weighs only 56 lbs.
Produces just 3.2 grams/hour which is less than half
the allowed EPA emissions
This Sale comes with the optional ring so you can attach your Cobb Chef Grill
To your Kimberly Stove.  Use the heat of The Kimberly to grill dinner.
Use the Cobb Chef Grill for grilling anywhere using charcoal inside.
The outside base of the grill stays cool so you can set it anywhere.

COBB Grill America Introduces....
The Grill That Does Everything You Want...
Works perfectly on top of The Kimberly Stove....
The Cobb is a compact, portable, versatile, energy efficient cooker.
It is great for cooking outdoors, like on a camping trip, or at home.
You can cook the simplest dish on the Cobb,
but if you want to liberate the chef in you,
you can use the Cobb grill to cook the most elaborate dish, anywhere, anytime.
The Cobb is easy to carry and weighs only 8.8lbs (4kg).
It is also very fuel efficient and uses only 8 – 10 charcoal briquets
or one Cobble Stone for a minimum of 2 hours of cooking.

The Patented Cobb BBQ Cooking System is truly in a class of its own.

Unlike a typical portable grill, the Cobb Grill can roast,
bake, smoke and fry. It can even bake a pizza!
The safe cool-to-touch base makes it ideal for taking anywhere
or place on ANY surface.
No heat is ever transferred through the base.
The secret of the Cobb is in the innovative patented design
that retains and circulates the heat just like a convection oven,
but without the necessity of a fan.
The cooking surface is designed in a way not to allow fats and juices
to drip onto the charcoal.
This means no smoky flare-ups or dangerous carcinogenic
burned fat residue redeposited on the food.
The multiple award winning patented Cobb cooking system grills,
fries, bakes, smokes, boils and warms.
This unique light-weight cooking system is simple to use and maintain.
The Cobb’s unique design allows fat and grease to drain away
from the food that is cooking and into the moat for healthier cooking.
As the fat does not land on the coals, the Cobb cooking system
is virtually smokeless and can be used in small well ventilated areas
such as balconies without causing a smoky environment.
Ventilation through the holes of the Dome allows for
even distribution of heat, allowing food to cook to perfection.
Made from the highest quality durable materials,
the Cobb grill has no moving parts allowing a
safe and easy cooking experience,
allowing you to cook on boats and in other such places
without concern due to the secure and sturdy design.
Added to this the Cobb can be easily dismantled and
placed into a dishwasher for cleaning convenience.
This highly portable grill weighs only 4kg (8.8 lbs)
and has a height of 30cm (12 Inches)
and diameter of 30cm (12 inches).
While searing hot on the inside, the base remains cool to touch on the outside
and can be picked up and moved around while cooking.
The Cobb grill is very fuel efficient and an environmentally greener option
as it uses only 8-10 briquettes/1 Cobble Stone or 300 grams charcoal
for up to two hours of cooking.
The Kimberly Stove and FREE Cobb Chef Grill
(Pay $30 Shipping For The Cobb Chef Grill)