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 Off Grid Living Is Not A Dream...
  ...It Is A Reality!

The Kimberly Stove is EPA & CSA certified.
Perfect for Your Home, Cabin, Yurt, Motorhome,
Camper, Wall Tent, Ice Fishing, Boat,
Emergency Preparedness and More!!

The efficient Kimberly Stove squeezes more heat
from less fuel, while saving hundreds of dollars on 
your installation costs using our unique UL-Approved
venting system.
The Kimberly Stove burns up to 8 hours
on a load of fuel.
Manufactured in southern Oregon 
of American Made Stainless Steel
Heats Up to 1,500 sq. ft. (Up To 40,000 BTUs)
  Uses Wood, Extruded Logs, Coal, Charcoal,
Wood Pellets, or Even Dried Animal Dung!
Place A Pan And Cook On Top!  Weighs only 56 lbs.
Produces just 3.2 grams/hour which is less than half
the allowed EPA emissions
Turn Your Stove Into A Power Producer
With The Optional Thermo-Electric Generator!
Its Patented Secondary Combustion System
Causes Carcinogenic Particles
To Incinerate Before Polluting Your Air and
Produces A Near Smokeless Burn Within 15 Minutes!
The Kimberly Stove is EPA, CSA certified and UL Listed
Certified for use in Washington State
which has the most stringent emission standards in the U.S.
The Kimberly can accommodate up to 4" x 9.5" log
The Kimberly is certified to use a 3" double-wall stainless steel
pellet stove pipe with a Class-A pass through thimble
at the ceiling, attic and roof.  This unique venting system
saves owners hundreds of dollars in installation costs.
When considering the price of any new wood stove,
one should always consider the TOTAL installation costs,
not just the cost of the stove itself.
The Kimberly is made of high quality, heat and corrosion resistant 
stainless steel.  There are 118 laser cut and hand-welded parts inside,
which are made from domestic feed stock by American workers.
Replacing expensive or environmentally unfriendly options
such as gas, electric, or oil heat, The Kimberly is a sound investment,
which can be recouped in as little as two years.
Due to Kimberly's reliability and portability, it might even save 
your life in a natural or man made disaster, when other options
fail.  At that point.... Kimberly becomes priceless.
When a Kimberly wood stove is dampered down, the fuel maintains
an approximate 450 degree Fahrenheit temperature as it
burns, thus creating massive amounts of smoky gasses.  As the smokey gases
rise to the top of the combustion chamber the gasses ignite and burn
at a very high temperature.  The bulk of the heat comes from the
secondary combustion process, which produces a very efficient
and clean burn, with very little smoke emitting from the chimney.
Rocket stoves burn very hot and very clean, however, 
they are not efficient.  Rocket stoves are hungry and 
consume lots of fuel.
Watch Our Stove Videos Below For More Info
Winter Heating: A 5 lb extruded sawdust log will provide 6-8 hours
of heat and provide more than 1,100 degrees F for cooking on the stove top.
Spring and Fall Heating:  One pound of standard charcoal will run The Kimberly
at a lower temperature range for up to 12 hours!
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The Kimberly™ Stove $3,995.00 S/H Continental U.S.
Shipping $60 to CONUS


COBB Cheff Grill
Stone Gray
w/woodstove attachment & Bag
$169.00 Shipping $31.00
Shipped to CONUS


COBB Chef Stove Top Grill
Please Click On the COBB Chef Grill Link On List On Left To 
Find Out More Information and To Order

The COBB Chef Grill
On Top Of The Kimberly Stove

If Your Have Questions Please Call Us At 208-615-6331
NOTE:  Any damage in shipment or defects will be covered by the five year warranty issued by Unforgettable Fire LLC
Any stove returned for any reason will be charged a 15% restocking fee.  Buyer to pay return shipping.
We Ship Worldwide - Call For Shipping Quote For Alaska, Hawaii or Outside The U.S.A

Made In The U.S.A.
Stainless Steel

Net Wt. 56 lbs
Dimensions:  25 1/2" H x 10" Diameter
Only Basic Tools & Skills Needed For Install
Completely Portable (Including Venting System)
Patented Secondary Combustion Recycles and Re-Burns Exhaust Gasses From The Primary Fire
Emissions:  3.2 grams/hr (Beats WA state Requirements of 4.5 grams or less!)
Clearance Needed Around Stove:  30" Between Top and Ceiling. 18" Front.  4" Sides. 8" Rear Wall.
Uses 3" Pellet Stove Type Venting Flue


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