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Hemp & Health Blend for Pets

Unique to the hemp oil market for pets,
PrimeMyPet combines the highest quality hemp extract
with carefully curated wellness ingredients.
On a cellular level, each active ingredient
calms the physical aches and emotional pains of aging,
and sustains the youthful vitality of cats and dogs.
From plant to palate, PrimeMyPet is formulated
using advanced liposomal delivery methods
that trigger rapid absorption for maximum, sustainable results.

What makes PrimeMyPet

the best supplement on the market for pets?

Our proprietary hemp and health blend is
formulated specifically for dogs and cats.
PrimeMyPet contains an easily digestible full-spectrum hemp extract
that supports states of calm, body function balance,
and provides relief for the physical and emotional distresses
that can affect the happiness of your pet companion.
Just like humans, dogs and cats (and all animals)
have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS)
that balances normal body function like mood, sleep,
movement, appetite, and immune response.
Sourced from high quality industrial hemp,
the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in
PrimeMyPet interact with and activate the
ECS system promoting immune health
and full body and mind restoration – meaning turning back the clock.
The Industrial hemp and hemp extract used in PrimeMyPet
are sustainably grown and processed with organic level care in Colorado.